Playing Bubble Bump in Singapore

Singaporeans are known for their close family ties, and their warm and cheer behavior. For them, a family bonding is a must as this makes their lives happy and fulfilled. Aside from the usual getaways to parks or malls or beaches, there are other fun activities that could be recommended for family leisure. Not only will this allow a break from their busy and tight schedules at work or in school but would also promote camaraderie and understanding among members.

Ever heard of Bubble Bump? While even Asians have already adopted Western sports such as basketball, golf, or bowling, Singaporeans could still apply their own twists to these activities to make it their own. Bubble Bump is becoming a household name here in Singapore and has been tried by a growing number of children, teens, and even adults.


What is Bubble Bump?

From the name itself, you may conclude that these are bubbles bumping each other. You are right. When playing a bubble bump game, individuals are wearing bubble-like attires similar to a zorb while doing their activities. In result, because people are wearing something bigger than them, and given the limited space they have in the venue depending on what their activities require, they would tend to bump with one another. But since these are bubbles, nobody is going to be hurt, as these bubbles would protect players from failing directly into the ground or even bumping their body parts which may result in bruises or wounds in a usual sports activity.


What activities can you do in Bubble Bump?

There are many recreational activities that could be done in bubble bump in Singapore, depending on the center or institution that offers this. While there may be a lot to enumerate, there are some that almost every Bubble Bump center have in their list. Here are some of them:


  1. Bubble Soccer

A soccer in Singapore, why not? While some Singaporeans may only be able to witness soccer games on television or in schools, and a few us may be afraid to try it due to fears of being hit by the ball or falling off the field, doing it with bubbles will enable players to enjoy it minus the possible body damages.

Kick that ball, let it hit its base. No, it won’t hurt you. Remember, you are in your bubble protective attire. If you are a parent who fears your children might be injured, you may also play with them and witness how safe and fun it could be.


  1. Bubble Bowling

Well unlike the bubble soccer which has a material ball to kick, bubble bowling meanwhile lets the members be the game’s pins and ball. A player wearing the bubble suit would roll like a ball to knock down other players who are acting as the pins. The player who acts as the ball has two attempts to knock the pins down.


  1. Conquer the Base

In this game, players are separated into two teams. The players of one team need to bump the players of the other team until they conquer the latter’s bases. The conquerors are declared as the winners.


  1. Protect the King

A team is composed of five members with one of them appointed as the king. To recognize the king, his or her bubble will be marked with a tape. The king needs to reach the “try area’ before the king of the other team does it. Players need to bump the players of the other team to protect the king and allow him reach the try area.


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